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Am I able to turn down a position with a client as a temporary worker?

If the position complies with the conditions of your employment contract, you are generally unable to turn down a position. However, we do endeavour to meet our employees’ wishes to the greatest possible extent. If there are compelling reasons why a certain position cannot be taken up, we will always find a satisfactory solution for all parties.

As a temporary employee, do I only get paid when I am working for a client?

No. You will also receive your salary at times when we are unable to find you employment with a client.

Can EPOS say no if a client wishes to take me on?

No, we can’t. And we don’t want to. We are rather proud when our employees have proven so good at the job that our clients wish to take them on permanently.

Do I get social security benefits as a temporary employee?

Yes, you do. We give you a regular open-ended (or, on request, a temporary) employment contract with all the associated rights and duties.

Do I have a chance of getting a job without any professional training?

Yes, you do. We regularly place unskilled workers with clients. Simply send us your application. Describe in detail the jobs you have done before. We will then get back to you.

Does EPOS also take care of my occupational safety when I am working for clients?

Yes, we also take care of your health and safety in the workplace. In consultation with the client, for instance, we provide the protective clothing needed for the job. In addition, our occupational safety officers regularly inspect the premises where our employees work. These occupational safety specialists check to ensure that the necessary regulations in the workplace are being observed.

For which industries are there industry supplements?

Supplements are currently paid in the following industries: metal and electronic industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, plastic processing industry, textile and clothing industry, woodworking industry, railway industry, paper and cardboard processing industry, paper manufacturing industry, printing industry and potash and rock salt mining.

How can I send my application to EPOS?

There are a number of different ways of finding your new job. The most commonly used and convenient way is the link underneath each job advertisement. However, you can also send us your documents by post. Or use the ‘Speculative application’ link. You can also send us your application documents in this way.

How long does a placement generally last with a client?

It may last days, weeks or several months. It depends on the client’s staffing situation. But there is no risk whatsoever for the employee, because EPOS gives you a permanent employment contract.

How long does it take for EPOS to respond to my application?

We generally get back to you within three working days.

Is it also worth contacting EPOS as a student?

We are increasingly finding temporary work for students. They are given a temporary contract based on the times they are available.

There are several vacancies in a number of cities that interest me. Do I have to contact the relevant branch office on each occasion or is one application sufficient?

If you wish to apply for several different jobs, then you should contact the relevant branch office in each case. This happens automatically when you click on the button underneath each job advertisement.

What can I do if I find no suitable vacancy in the list of job offers?

Please use the ‘Speculative application’ link. Tell us your name, your contact details and – very important – your qualifications as well as your preferred location and the kind of job you are looking for. It would also be helpful if you uploaded your CV at the same time. We will then get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

What happens to my details?

We take data protection very seriously. We comply with the corresponding European and German guidelines without reservation. In addition, we also have our own data protection officer. Accordingly, we only pass on your details to interested clients with your prior consent.

What training opportunities does EPOS offer those employed on a temporary basis?

If training is necessary for a certain position or the chances of an employee being taken on are significantly increased by attending a course, we will organise the corresponding training. These measures are individually tailored to each employee.

Who is my employer if I am a temporary employee?

Temporary employees are employed by EPOS – with all the associated rights and duties. You will be paid by us and receive the usual benefits.