Your options: Outplacement

In change processes, we help you to find fair and socially acceptable solutions and thus make responsibility a little easier.


We make it easier to take responsibility.

Responsible personnel management is not reflected in efficient personnel procurement alone. A companyโ€™s credibility is almost proven more when reliable employees face unavoidable change, because, for instance, departments are merged, a site is relocated or rationalisation measures take hold. After all, giving the affected individuals a new outlook also forms part of a fair and acceptable approach to redundancy.

Although we are unable to take this responsibility off your hands, we can nonetheless help you to live up to it. As part of an outplacement plan, we draw up an individual profile analysis for every affected individual, determine any training needs, work out a career plan with them and develop an application strategy. If required, we can even identify specific new employment opportunities and be on hand to assist the individual right up to the interview stage. We significantly mitigate the consequences for your employees when they lose their job. You reinforce your position as a reliable and trustworthy employer while also saving yourself the trouble of protracted and costly disputes.