Your options: Project management

As part of our project management, we relieve you of complete areas of responsibility, processes and projects and thus secure your capacities.


We maintain your capacity.

With our project management services, we give you the option to completely transfer the control of short-term projects or even entire service areas to one service provider, free yourself up from all personnel administration tasks and hand over responsibility and employer-related risks so that you can devote the newly acquired resources to the core business. Whether under your name or entirely detached from it, we take all the organisational and administrative tasks off your hands. This may involve overseeing the installation of a system, managing a building or running a switchboard.

We get together with you to determine the objectives, analyse your requirements and develop a concept perfectly tailored to your needs, allowing you to take advantage of the full potential of an efficient personnel management service. We provide the necessary employees, manage them and coordinate their working hours, conduct quality control and assurance, and pay the wages including all the usual benefits. Your EPOS adviser remains on hand to assist you throughout the entire project.