Your opportunities: Temporary employment

"I found an employer through EPOS in a very short space of time, giving me new career prospects."

Edyta Miszkinis


We give you job security.

Do you find the process of getting to know various industries, mastering a wide range of duties and finding your bearings in new environments more of a rewarding challenge than a tiresome chore? Then temporary work is just right for you, regardless of your training background and career experience. Temporary work ultimately provides maximum flexibility combined with the security of a regular position. That’s because you are employed by EPOS. As a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen (iGZ) – an association representing the interests of German temporary employment agencies – we offer guaranteed protection in the form of a collective wage agreement, including all the usual benefits such as annual leave and sickness pay. Pay is performance-related and quite often higher than the standard rate for the job. We also pay industry supplements depending on your duties.

We find you employment with our clients based on your skills and qualifications. You may work there for several weeks or months, but in the meantime you will remain under our supervision. The temporary work model thus helps you to gain extensive professional experience in a number of different industries and companies. You get to know potential new employers and gain access to positions that are rarely advertised externally. Your value to the labour market increases significantly – so much, in fact, that more than half of our employees receive a permanent job offer from one of our clients within the first few months.