Ihre Optionen: ArbeitnehmerĂĽberlassung

„Als mittelständisches Großhandelsunternehmen sind wir oft auf sehr kurzfristige Personalunterstützung angewiesen, ohne dass die Kompetenz leidet. Auf EPOS können wir uns da stets verlassen.“

Silvia Günter, geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin MS Marketing Bürohandel GmbH


Allow us to create some room for manoeuvre.

Seasonal workloads, cyclical order peaks, capacity fluctuations and special projects are all parameters that are no longer easy to plan. This is on top of everyday circumstances such as staff sickness, maternity leave and annual leave. Faced with all of this, efficient staff planning often becomes a balancing act. Those who are unable to adapt quickly and decisively put themselves at risk of being at an economic disadvantage.

Using temporary employees can counteract this risk on a lasting basis. We ensure that you have the right staff at the right time and in the right place. We provide you with reliable and competent employees in line with the skills you need for the precise length of time you require them. There is absolutely no risk for you as an employer. That’s because the individuals are employed by us. They are given a regular employment contract together with all the usual benefits. We also take care of staff selection and HR management. You only pay for the actual hours worked, allowing you to safeguard your productivity while also benefiting from a high level of flexibility. If you require a higher number of employees, we will be happy to take care of all the planning, recruitment and personnel management tasks as part of our on-site management service. In such cases, our personnel advisers have their own desks at your place of work, allowing them to identify bottlenecks and react immediately.