Your options: Interim management

If you need to fill top positions at short notice and for a limited period of time, you can stay on the ball thanks to our interim management.


Stay on the ball with us.

Do situations arise within your company when you need a top manager or experienced specialist at short notice and for a limited period, because, for instance, a special project has to be managed or a top executive is out of action for the medium term? In such cases, economic success is very much dependent on appointing the right person to the right position as quickly as possible. The search process alone can soon turn into an expensive stumbling block.

We can help you to avoid this. That’s because we have at our disposal a network of highly qualified specialists and executives from various industries with wide-ranging experience; freelancers who are in a position to use their wealth of expertise to get acquainted with the relevant subject matter reliably. We put together a selection of suitable candidates for you. We then work with you to identify the individual who precisely meets the desired criteria, both professionally and personally. If interim management is a constant issue at your company, we will be happy to take care of all the planning, recruitment and personnel management tasks as part of our on-site management service. In such cases, our personnel managers have their own desks at your place of work, allowing them to identify needs at an early stage and react immediately.