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FAQ Kunden
Can we contact any EPOS office when we need staff from one of the specialist fields? Or do certain offices deal with specific areas?

Irrespective of the field in which you need staff, you can contact the branch office of your choice at any time.

Do we, as an EPOS client, know in advance which costs to expect?

Yes. We give you an exact and binding quotation that includes all fees for our services. The same applies to cases where we provide employees on a temporary basis.

Does EPOS have the necessary licence to provide temporary staff?

Yes, we are licenced by the Federal Employment Agency and possess the corresponding permit with indefinite authorisation to provide temporary staff for commercial purposes.

How do we find suitable staff with EPOS?

The simplest way is to contact one of our branch offices where you can get expert assistance. Our advisers work with you to determine your specific staffing needs and then draw up a tailored solution. Alternatively, you can use the contact form in the client section of our website. We will then get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

How long can an EPOS employee work at our company?

That depends entirely on your requirements. Whether days, weeks or several months, we take our cue from you.

On what legal basis do you supply temporary staff?

The legal basis is the German Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz).

We require staff with various qualifications at a number of different locations. Do we have to get in touch with the EPOS office closest to each location?

No, you don’t. You can confidently contact a branch office of your choice, one that is close to your company head office, for instance. Our advisers are on hand to give you comprehensive assistance and they can coordinate your entire staffing needs.

What happens if we are unhappy with employees provided temporarily by EPOS or those recruited on a permanent basis via EPOS?

If we provide you with temporary staff, you have the right to refuse or replace individuals at any time. If we place employees at your company and you give them a regular employment contract, you assume the responsibility for all the obligations of an employer.

Who employs the staff members who are recruited via EPOS?

That depends on the employment model you have selected for your company. Temporary workers are employed by EPOS with a regular employment contract and all the usual benefits. You don’t have to worry about staff administration tasks, you simply pay us the agreed fee for the actual hours worked. If you find your staff using the personnel placement service or Direct Search, you are the employer. In such cases, EPOS takes care of the recruitment process. Depending on the scope of the remit, this may include identifying and selecting suitable candidates and finalising contractual matters.