Direct Search

Whether you are looking for a highly qualified specialist or a top manager for the executive board: EPOS Direct Search puts you in the premier league.


Secure a place in the top flight with us.

A highly qualified specialist with a reputation as impressive as her experience. The new member of the company management. The sole candidate to succeed the departmental manager in the medium term. Filling a top position is often not possible using the tools associated with a conventional recruitment search. The availability of top executives is limited. They are in demand, know their worth and want to be courted. Discretion is of paramount importance. The roles are quite often reversed: the potential employer becomes the applicant. This turns the process of identifying, assessing and recruiting a candidate into a complex matter.

Headhunting is a term we prefer not to use. We don’t hunt anybody. We want to convince them of you as an employer. As such, we call what we do ‘Direct Search’. After all, we search specifically for the individual who is up to your standards and the demands of the job in equal measure. To this end, we use our extensive network. We carry out research, establish contact and hold initial exploratory talks. We conduct a potential analysis of every prospective candidate on request and this forms part of our confidential report. You then determine which individuals you would like to meet. We are also happy to assist you with the interviews and contractual negotiations.